You can't have fun drinking the same beer all the time, the good news is we don't have much fun brewing the same beers over and over! Our crazy experiments go through rigorous testing (hic) on a small scale before they are finally brewed in our 1000 litre brewhouse and make it into your glass. Every batch is a limited edition! Don't believe us?

Come visit our brewery, or find our beers at your favourite neighbourhood pub.

  • Orchard Road

    Orchard Road  

    From the verdant plantations and orchards of the 1800s to the glitzy malls of today, Orchard Road has undergone many transformations over the years. Here’s to reviving the past and bringing fruits centre-stage! Rich and mellow mango gives way to tart orange and finishes with the distinct sharpness of wheat beer. Simply complex! Goes well with spicy or citrusy seafood and chicken. Awarded gold medal in the Asia Fruit beer category at Beerfest Asia 2012.

    4.3% ABV

  • Singlish Ale

    Singlish Ale  

    This one so shiok! Got caramel but still not heavy-heavy. Can not put down, mus finish! Our double fermentation process brings the rich flavours of a strong English ale to an easy drinking best bitter. Goes great with juicy steaks or burgers. Awarded gold medal in the International Pub Ale category at Beerfest Asia 2013.

    4.7% ABV

  • Siloso Beach

    Siloso Beach

    Picnics and volleyball during the day, throbbing music and dancing through the night - Make everyday a holiday with Siloso Beach. Extraordinary steam lager brewed with a selection of spices to brighten up the palate. Perfect for our eternal summer. Goes great with some surf and breeze.

    5.5% ABV

  • Kiasu Stout

    Kiasu Stout  

    Kiasu (adj kee-ah-soo) lit. Hokkien: "afraid of losing". Brewed with five malts, three hops, chicory, and cane sugar. The many layers of flavour will ensure you always win! Quintessential export stout with unrefined sugar cane juice, and added complexity from specially roasted chicory. Great by itself or with dark chocolate. Triple-crowned "Best in the World", "Best in Singapore" and Gold in the Stout category at Beerfest Asia 2013.

    7.0% ABV

  • Quayside Coolie

    Quayside Coolie

    coo-lie (noun \’kü-lē\) Like the porters of London, the coolies of Singapore were the backbone of trade and industry. They could often be seen working at the many quays along the Singapore River. Light bodied porter brewed with premium hand-picked vanilla beans from Madagascar. Perfect complement to satays or other grilled meats.

    4.0% ABV

  • Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam  

    Uncle Sam may seem bitter at first but take some time and discover the sweet side. Guaranteed a smooth ride every time! Dry hopped American style amber ale. Great with spicy Asian curries. Awarded gold medal in the Asia India Pale Ale category at Beerfest Asia 2012.

    4.7% ABV